Agile Product Owner Role

4 Chapters 16 Lessons Easy

About this course

Learn what it takes to be the product owner on an agile project team. This course clarifies the role of the product owner and looks at the mindset, techniques, and competencies critical to being successful in the job. Angela Wick defines the typical collaborators, the product roadmap and minimum viable product, and your touch points in the agile workflow, including planning, prototyping, user research, sprints, and backlog refinement. Plus, learn about the average day in the life of a product owner and get clarity on common myths: that planning, a clear scope, and documentation get in the way of agile development.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the goals of a product owner on an agile team.
  • Explore the essentials of an agile roadmap.
  • Examine the elements of an agile planning overview.
  • Identify key agile product owner competencies.
  • Recognize the fundamentals of the experimenting and prototyping phase of agile planning.
  • Discover common myths of agile product ownership.
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