by Edward Deane (Ted)

Posted On: 10 August 2018

How many Twitter followers does your business have? It’s tempting to ignore the question—but your Twitter following could grow your business more than you think!

Your following isn’t just a vanity metric. It can be a sign of whether your audience, leads and current customers are interested in your content. If you have a bigger following, you can end up with valuable influence in your industry, more leads, and attention from big industry names, even if you’re just a little company.

Twitter is a go-to social network for engaging with customers for a reason—it’s fast-moving, simple to use and so easy to get out engaging messages to your ideal audience. So how can your business build up your followers?

Tweet More Often

Twitter requires a more aggressive and consistent content strategy than other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Because Twitter is so fast-paced, it’s fine for businesses to lean towards posting more often—the ideal number of tweets is between three to seven tweets per day to maximise engagement.

This might seem like a lot of content for your business to produce, but the good news is there’s plenty of simple ways to promote yourself that won’t take long to put together! A few simple ideas for your tweets include: sharing tweets from your followers, relevant industry articles, breaking news, exciting statistics, product updates, and personal updates—there’s endless possibilities.

Ensuring your feed is filled with fresh content is a great step to encouraging people to follow you—if they see your content is engaging and interesting, they’ll be much more likely to follow your business account.

Time It

The scheduling of your content can have a big impact on who sees your posts. There’s a heap of research out there about the best times to post on social media, with the most common consensus being companies usually get the most engagement in the early and late afternoons, on weekdays. These timings might vary a little depending on your ideal audience and time zone, so do your research on the best times to post for your business.

To save time, you can use social media scheduling software to set up a content queue and send out tweets without having to dedicate hours of your day to sitting on Twitter. Using this type of software will help you to attract new followers around the clock with minimal effort.

Get Visual

If you’ve been on Twitter before you’ve probably noticed your eyes are drawn to tweets with visual content like photographs or illustrations. Statistically, tweets with more visual content more likes, shares and retweets, which is great for getting people to engage with your brand. Infographics in particular get shared three times more often than any other type of content on Twitter.

When you’re planning your tweets, think about inserting some colour, video, illustrations, GIFS, memes or photos to brighten up your feed and attract new audiences.

Hashtag It

Hashtags are a great way to jump on Twitter trends and get involved with different online communities. By using popular hashtags about current events (awards, sporting events) or light-hearted community hashtags like #MondayMotivation, you can get the attention of followers who might not otherwise have noticed your brand.

Adding a hashtag takes only a few seconds but can bring huge benefits in terms of gaining followers and having your content shared. Research has shown tweets with at least one hashtag receive more engagement than those without—just be careful not to go overboard, as too many hashtags in a tweet can seem like you’re trying to send people spam and become difficult to read.

Using Twitter analytics, you can find the top hashtags that work for your industry and leverage them to gain new followers and audiences.


Potential followers will get interested in your profile if they can see you’re genuinely interacting with your followers, customers and other relevant accounts. You don’t have to spend hours on it every day, but a few minutes here and there spent replying to customer, tagging other people, retweeting feedback introduces more eyes to your brand and your brand’s attitude to your customers.

If there’s companies or people out there that you admire, let them know. Give them a shoutout or tag them in a post—chances are they’ll share it themselves and introduce you to new audiences or customers. Retweeting your fans and followers only takes a few seconds and not only shows them you care but can help introduce you to new audiences.

Clean Up Your First Impression

A quick cleanup of your profile can make your profile more attractive to first-time visitors and leave a great first impression. Check your profile photo is clean and high-resolution—make sure it’s either a clear facial photo or brand logo. Ensure your profile bio is clear and easy to read—describe what your company does, where you’re located, and include any relevant tags or industry keywords. Use your bio to inject a sense of your company ethos or personality, so you stand out amongst the crowd. This will take a few minutes and make it much more likely people will have a great first impression of your account.

Direct People To Your Twitter Account

An incredibly simple way to direct people to your Twitter profile and gain more followers is to promote your account in all of your business communications and other social media profiles. Include links to your Twitter account at the bottom of emails, on your website, or include a link on your Facebook pages. If you’re interested, there’s a ton of nice social button plugins you can use to make the link look appealing. It’s become so commonplace these days that there’s no shame in plugging your account!

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