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Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality is Disrupting your Industry

Introduction to Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) involves digital content superimposed onto your view of the real world through a device like a smartphone, tablet, or specially designed headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens. Glasses similar to Google Glass are also currently being developed. It allows users to interact with the digital content in varying […]

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Save Money on Facebook Advertising

4 Tips to Save Money on Facebook Advertising

4 Simple tips to save money on your Facebook advertising campaigns by optimising relevance scores What’s a Relevance Score, and How do you Improve One? ¬†Your relevance score is a number from 1-10 that determines how relevant your ad is to your target audience. The best rating is 10, with 1 being the worst you […]

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How to Engage

How to engage the 99%

Conversion rate truths that will change your landing page strategy   After days of struggling, you finally came up with the perfect business idea, got the capital and started a business. Following your marketer’s advice, you created a top-notch website to reach the millions of people online. Several months down the line, despite your relentless […]

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