How many of your facebook friends know what you do?

How many of your facebook friends know what you do?

Hi, it’s Ted from 2excel here, with this week’s Tuesday 2excel Hack. This instalment is probably a bit more of a thought and less of a hack, but hopefully, it’s something you can use to your benefit, not to mention help spread the word to those nearest and dearest to you. Now, the thought is this, how many people do you know on Facebook and how many of your friends and even family members, know what you do? It might sound like an odd question but recently, over the Christmas break, I was catching up with family, and I was asked the question, more than once, “what is it you do for a living Ted”? Well, I was totally gobsmacked! It didn’t occur to me that many of my family and friends didn’t fully know or understand exactly what I did in my job. Needless to say, I found myself having to explain, on more than one occasion, what it is that I do for a living.

It’s probably fair to say this is a pretty common conversation topic at such gatherings, but it’s also nice spending time with loved ones talking about something other than work. This whole experience got me thinking, and served to highlight the fact that, well, how many of my friends and family really know what I do! And then it occurred to me, this could be an interesting challenge for us.

What if we start by posting interesting aspects, or facets of what we do, on our Facebook pages? Let’s say, a couple of times a week over the next few weeks. These could include things like some of the projects you’re working on, or fascinating things you do in your job, and perhaps even highlight some of the things that even excite you in the work or job that you do.

On average, we probably have around 200 to 300 active friends on our Facebook pages, so you never really know, some of them may need your services from time to time, or they might know someone else who does. It’s not a bad idea to put yourself out there - if you’re not doing that already. It’s good to help build your network by letting those closest to you know precisely what it is that you do. The extra bonus here is that you probably won’t get caught off-guard like me, with sometimes awkward questions at family gatherings, relating to what you do at work.

Anyway, that’s my thought/hack for this week - it’s time for me to go. Give this a try, take the challenge and let your friends and family know what you do, if you already haven’t. They might need you, or they might know someone who does – Until next week, goodbye from me, Ted, and the team at 2excel.

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