How Much Does A Website Cost

How Much Does A Website Cost

Making your website look great is very important, so the Graphic Design component of the quote should reflect the amount of time that will need to go into it. A figure of around $2,000 to $3,000 would be a reasonable price.

The next stage of the process is having your website architecture designed and programmed. This is important because it’s not just about look and feel, it’s about how well it does what it should and, of course, the UX or user experience of navigating the site easily. Again, this should cost around the $2,000 to $3,000 mark, which depending on what your requirements are, should be a reasonable figure.

Next on the list is your content. Content has become increasingly important, with the need for relevant and targeted content of a high standard. You could opt to create/write your content yourself, which can be a time-consuming job, or have your content professionally created by an in-house content writer/producer. At 2excel, we have a local professional in-house content creator, and we cost tailored content at around $250 to $300 per page. This fee incorporates consultation, research, fully SEO optimised content creation of 450 to 500 words where required, plus full proof and edit.

Next, we allow for training time, which will take around half a day, or 4 hours, possibly up to 8 hours if it’s a complex website. For training, you should be looking at paying around $500, which is a reasonable figure.

The fees we’ve mentioned here would be for a basic website design complete with content and training. However, depending on your needs, you may require extra functions to be added to the site. These could include image and video galleries as well as a blogs/news section, which would cost around $700 to $1500 to design and program into the site.

Along with these extra functions, you may also need some other custom features as well, which will be quoted for if needed. These custom functions are often things that haven’t been built yet and haven’t been built before, so would have to be developed from scratch.

If you’re looking at the video for this blog now, you’ll see the template, which you can download for free. There’s no need to provide your email or fill out any forms. The template acts as an easy guide to calculating the cost of your website based on your needs.

As you enter the quantities, you’ll probably see that the average website with content will come in at around $5000 to $6000. If you need other functions, this will increase the price depending on what you want.

Feel free to download the spreadsheet template, and I hope it’s of some help when you’re trying to work your way through the confusion of the quoting process. You should be able to work out quickly what is a reasonable investment to produce your website.

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