Tips for a Clean Online Store

Tips for a Clean Online Store

There is no other better way to present your products to the public by showcasing them in the stage on your website or online store.

A growing trend in the e-commerce industry is simply minimizing the madness into simplicity.

Many websites in the past were bombarded with too much of nothing, different colors scattered everywhere, clusters of information all over the place and several designs that overwhelmed the visually appealing characteristics.

Today many websites and online stores are tossing away these exaggerated forms of web design into more simplistic forms of presenting their products. This particular approach is generating popularity not only in e-commerce websites but also in the design characteristics. More web designers are focusing on simplicity while enhancing visually appealing aspects and usefulness of the website itself.

The results of this trend are mainly directed toward a more user friendly and gratifying experience for online shoppers. Clean designs, user friendly interfaces, readability and aesthetics encompass a great experience that surpasses the design aspects of the website.

Just consider the success and simplicity of the Apple online store. Direct and simple designs can produce lots of sales. We will take a closer look to this simplicity trend and those online businesses that are taking advantage of it.

The Simplicity Trend

Numerous online stores are reducing their use of radiant colors, giant font letters and other web design characteristics to more conventional and minimal resources.

The first step that has been noticed is the option of choosing different background colors. Instead of using bright colors, stores have now been using a simple white background that maximizes the colors of letters and pictures on their websites.

The advantage of using a simple background allows the stores to clearly define what is being sold and describe those items or services. This approach allows the ease of flow through the website and prevents the categorization of certain products toward certain attitudes, perceptions or lifestyles.

Another advantage of these simple web design approaches is a lower cost and less tedious design work. Only a small light studio and really nice pictures is everything that is needed.

Online stores can focus more on user experience and less on ultra-complicated web design approaches. The e-commerce site must have its purpose in mind always present which is sell and generate revenue, there is no other better way to achieve this purpose by making the website function efficiently, load quickly and easing the process of making customers feel welcome to make a purchase.

Tips for E-commerce Design

Always focus on dynamic display at all times. Do not copy another website’s design. Your store must represent itself unique and special. Make your display special and dynamic.

Another major tip is to always make your website easy to read. All fonts must be simple and readable. Item descriptions, numbers, sizes and prices need to be visible and clearly displayed. Always make sure to add labels whenever necessary and represent notations for check-out.

All photography must be representing of product images. Do not add pictures that do not represent product images. Never use tilted angles, weird positioning or not enough lighting. Shoppers want to see the products as clearly as possible. Make sure that all pictures clearly represent each item as best as possible.

It is fundamental to make your website easy to navigate. Complicated navigation, slow loading times and other annoyances will make shoppers back away immediately. Always include business information and let your shoppers know what makes you different your competitors.

All elements in the website must match accordingly. If a picture is blurry or distorted, do not use it. If any design element or description goes against your product, try another alternative.

The whole purpose is to make online shopping an easy and fun experience. Focus mostly on user experience and making the shopper feel welcomed and appreciated.

Eight Online Stores Taking Advantage of the Trend


Incase: an online store that sells iPhone cases is using simple photography techniques, focused mostly on delivering high quality and clear images engaging shoppers to see what other items are available.


MANKINDdog: all its images are high quality and go beyond what is expected. The store feels very unique and makes each product look fabulous.

Callaway Golf: all product photos represent a certain dependent upon product line. All images follow a fixed frame to ensure easy comparison.


Narwhal Co.: all images in this online store catch the shoppers’ attention. They are colorful, sharp, very well designed and focused on simplicity.


Neve/Hawk: this store uses special light colored backgrounds and neutral frames to showcase their products in the simplest way as possible.

Ditto: all the glasses lines on this online store make it as if shoppers and comparing the glasses side by side. Simple and creative design approaches are what make this store unique.


Visual Supply: excellence in aesthetics is the main striking force in representing these products. Each description is clearly labeled and engages the shopper in a great shopping experience.

Le Coq Sportif Online Store

Le Coq Sportif: this online store focused on direct design toward catalogues, ensuring a dynamic flow of movement through the catalog where shoppers can visualize several products at once.


The simplicity trend is a trend that must be practice constantly and that guarantees results.

Clean web design is a great approach. With more companies opting for better concepts to showcase their products, the simplicity trend will be long lasting.

Placing items on light colored backgrounds works great for a wide number of reasons. Products are able to express themselves and the consumer can experience it virtually before buying it.

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