Costing Sheets

Cost tracking systems we develop can keep notes of exact amounts spent on anything your business covers. You can track the cost of supplies, manufacturing, labor, shipping and more. Keep it all in one place to easily follow the progress and plan future distribution of your supplies. We know that a well-organized business is a good business, so we deliver systems to help you create good allocation of resources. Messy costing sheets are a thing of the past with our algorithms and user-friendly interface!

Project Management System

To keep the job running smoothly, you need to keep track of many factors – tasks, time spent, budgeting… The list goes on. We build solutions that can not only hold this data for you, but also allow you to change anything you want. With our clever applications, you can track contributions, assign tasks and view reports - all in one place, with just a few clicks.

Time Sheets

We all know that time is money; by tracking it, you can have a clean overview of the amount of job done over a certain time period. If you want to have constant access to real-time and manually added work, you need good time sheets. We develop applications that not only track time on your projects, but also include the options to set up rates, overheads and margins for easier calculation of your employees’ pay.

Budgets And Forecasts

Why hire accountants to see budgets and forecasts for your business? Our applications will save you a lot of money and time spent on making Excel tables, calculating averages and extrapolating numbers over and over again. Good predictions about future profit and rates are now available to you, and they cover every detail. All you have to do is type out some numbers every now and then, and the rest is calculated and updated automatically.

Our Locations

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