Custom Software development

Custom Software Development

Project Management

Superior, integrated real-time collaboration and progress tracking, all in one place.

Staff Management

Assignments have never been easier to make - and do! We make it simple, clean & clever.

Time Sheets

Time is money, so don't waste a second! With our software, you'll always be up to speed.

Customer Relationship Management

Gain powerful insights about your customers to get ahead!

Point of Sale

Huge amounts of transactions carried out swiftly, without a hiccup, at your fingertips.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly track orders, sales, deliveries and more, with one seamless app.

Event Management

Easy planning, organization and booking for events of all kinds and sizes.

Learning Management

Keep your education top-notch with amazing learning software for all your needs!

Database Design

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Systems &

Our S​oftware S​ervices

2excel's portfolio includes over 1000  finished web and Software development projects.

Custom software building
Custom software building

We build custom software and help our clients launch their new online businesses. Our software development services come with all the help and support you'll need to ensure your custom software project is successful and delivers the return on investment you're seeking.

Web Application Creation
Web Application Creation

We'll help you create and launch your online business venture. We can help you define your minimum viable product, plan a product roadmap, create a prototype and provide all the ongoing support you'll need to test the market or seek investment funding.

Project Takeover
Project Takeover

If you have a software or application project that has stalled and never produced the business results you imagined, we can provide ongoing advice or take over your project to ensure it delivers results.

Software Consulting
Software Consulting

We're open to collaborating with you on a wide range of software-related projects. We've assisted customers with project feasibility consulting, product roadmaps and commercialisation, strategic planning regarding the use of technology, online business assessments and many other projects. If you're unsure if your project is something we can help you with, just ask us!

Increase Your Productivity

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What ​Else ​Do You Get?

The advantages of working with 2excel:

  • Our software is flexible, allowing for easy change management
  • All our software is optimised for process + flow
  • You'll have 100% system ownership
  • You'll have 100% data ownership (self-hosted or managed by us)
  • We use cloud-based applications — works everywhere
  • We use mobile-friendly applications

Why Custom?

Off-the-shelf software works the same way for you and your competitors. Even if you pay for a customisation, your competitors will likely have access to it as well. Custom software is tailored to your individual processes and can give you a business edge. Choosing to take the custom software route might seem overwhelming to start with, but you're in safe hands. 2excel will ensure your software creates value for your business and is properly change managed and successfully implemented.

2excel's Process

Custom Software Development

When you first come to us we'll help you define the business goals and project scope you're looking to achieve. We can help you define possible business improvements and product ideas. We'll agree on a minimum outcome and concept, and agree on a project scope that will give you the greatest value for your budget. We aim to avoid any unplanned costs and maximise your return on investment.

We'll set clear expectations. At this point we can also help you with:

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Feasibility studies and proof of concept
  • Crafting security and scalability roadmaps
  • check
    Choosing the right tech stack
Custom Software Development

Once we've agreed on a plan to proceed, we'll go ahead and design the software.

In this part of the process we'll create mock-ups of all screens, identify workflows and processes in more detail, plan project resources, give you a timeline, and identify any risks.  We'll focus on planning a system that is functional, scalable and secure and share our progress with you along the way.

Custom Software Development

After we've received approval from you, our developers will begin to create and test your software. In this phase you’ll see your software pulled together in a timely manner.

We'll provide you with regular progress updates and publish “beta versions" of your software online for you to test and provide feedback. We're happy to run regular demonstration sessions face-to-face with you to ensure you're happy with your system. Once we're done we'll stay on board to support implementation into your business and provide ongoing maintenance and support.


Competitive pricing

Having an off shore office for over 10 years, we do not freelance or outsource support by Local project managers.  All staff are employed by 2excel.


Finance available

Your custom software has never been so affordable with payments term up to 5 years.  There terms together with finance often means your software is less that SAAS.


16 years Experience

With over 16 years experience in the development industry, we have developed a proven step by step process guarantee you get a quality product the way you want it.