Customer Relationship Management Systems !

2excel are an experienced, established provider of customer relationship management software systems. Our team has over fifteen years of experience assisting businesses across a variety of industries to integrate CRM into their operations to improve business processes and manage growth.

Depending on your business needs, 2Excel can help your business integrate both ERP and CRM functionalities to help your business thrive with one simplified solution.

What Is A CRM System​ ?

A CRM system helps your business turn relationships into revenue.

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, which essentially is a system to help you keep track of your customers and potential clients, enhance your ability to identify their needs, and give your staff increase capabilities to make sales.

A system makes customer care incredibly simple. With the one system, you’ll be able to keep customer details updated, track customer interactions with your business, manage their accounts, improve customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value with your business.

A CRM is implemented across an entire business, meaning that if a customer interacts with several different departments of your business, the details of those interactions can be logged in the system and standardised. This reduces confusion, reduces the chances of customers being given conflicting details and improves customer experience. The information can be relied upon across the entire business and departments can work together to ensure the customers needs are met.

The ​Business ​Value Of CRM

A CRM system allows you to manage the business relationships you have with your customers to help grow your business, and so much more. A CRM can help your business identify your relationships with employees, suppliers and service users, tracking a variety of comprehensive data:

  • ​Provides a centralised, standardised location for the storage of up to date customer and prospect information available across the business
  • Track customer interactions such as phone calls, emails, meetings held, presentations, enquiries received
  • Allows your sales staff to understand customers better, cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently
  • check
    ​Enhances customer service by scheduling follow-ups, organising next steps
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    ​Marketing automation
  • check
    ​File and content sharing
  • check
    ​Sales forecasting
  • check
    ​Instant messaging between employees
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    ​Email integration with Outlook and Gmail
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    ​Dashboard-based analytics

​Modern CRM Capabilities


Some CRM systems now offer mobile CRM capabilities, letting salespeople access key information and update the CRM straight after a meeting while they’re in the field. This means colleagues can follow up with the very latest information before the competition and win new business.

With mobile CRM systems a business can be run from your phone – closing deals, servicing customers and even delivering 1:1 marketing campaigns without being tied to a desk.

Social media aware

Social media is impacting the way businesses interact with their customers, with businesses now having to respond to Tweets, Facebook postings, LinkedIn discussions and more. Modern CRM systems integrate social media capabilities, allowing you to make the most of customer relationships and prospects gained through social media.

Comparing ​CRM S​ystems

If you’re certain a CRM will benefit your business, it’s time to decide on the right system for you.

Most businesses opt for a client/server system (with a central database stored on a server and software installed on each user's PC or laptop to access it), or an online cloud-based CRM system.

We’ve compared the benefits of each system below:




Capital startup cost including server purchase and installation time

Minimal capital investment

No startup delay

Simple monthly fee


Your business is responsible for IT security (or hiring a data centre supplier)

CRM supplier maintains servers

Keeps security up to date


Adding new features to keep up with tech advances can be expensive, can require in-house expertise

New features can be switched on or off remotely

Immediately available to all users


Depends on installed client PCs

Mobile use can be limited to laptops with security and secure VPN

Secure access from any internet connected device

Mobile CRM capability


Customer data needs to be included in your own backup plans

Disaster recovery handled by provider as part of fee

W​hy Choose ​2​excel ?

With 15 years of experience, we know what we're doing.  We deliver. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. Customer satisfaction and trust are our priorities.

Maintenance & Support

​Once we've got your CRM system up and running you won't be left in the lurch if something goes wrong. 2excel can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure a smooth transition period when the system is introduced to your business and in the months following. We understand that your CRM is crucial to your business and offer emergency support services should something come up.


For information about finance options, please visit our helpful Finance page, or contact us.
If you're thinking about implementing an CRM within your business, feel free to give us an obligation-free call to discuss your options!


Competitive pricing

Having an off shore office for over 10 years, we do not freelance or outsource support by Local project managers. All staff are employed by 2excel.


Finance available

Your custom software has never been so affordable with payment terms up to 5 years. These terms together with finance often means your software is less than SAAS.


16 years Experience

With over 16 years experience in the development industry, we have developed a proven step by step process guarantee you get a quality product the way you want it.