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Mobile application development is one of the newest and most exciting areas in digital marketing. We’ve seen it time and time again—an application takes off, making millions for the company it was created for. Uber, Air BnB, even Tinder – none of these were original ideas, they were simply adapted in an innovative way that worked for everyone. Got a dream? 2excel can help you make it a reality. Talk to us about the possibility of obtaining an R&D tax incentive that could take thousands off the price!

We can help you make an app for any industry:

  • ​Media
  • ​Education
  • ​Healthcare
  • ​Not-for-profit
  • ​Retail and services
  • ​Hospitality

An App For Any Purpose:

  • ​Appointment setting
  • ​E-commerce and in-app purchases
  • ​Geographically targeted notifications
  • ​Blogs and news
  • ​Chat function
  • ​Event listings
  • check
    Video streaming

And so much more…

Festival of Food Adelaide

If you like eating out, the Festival of Food app gives you quick and easy access to great value dining. This iconic dining program incorporates some of Adelaide’s most recognisable cafes and award-winning restaurants. With eight venues to choose from – British Raj, River Torrens Café, Red Ochre Restaurant, Botanic Gardens Restaurant, The Playford Restaurant, Windy Point Café, Windy Point Restaurant and The Moseley Bar and Kitchen, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is where to start!

The Festival of Food app offers paperless participation and redemption it also features program detail, venue information, reservations, Bonus offer eligibility and access to the latest specials and up-to-date communication throughout the year.

Festival of Food Adelaide

Our Process


​Planning & Research

We meet with you to establish your objective, target audience and demographics. Together, we develop a strategy for the success of your application, based on research to ensure the best outcomes.


​Design & Specifications

​We create a responsive initial design, that does not sacrifice aesthetics for function or vice versa. Specifications such as social media compatibility, content management, and analytics are established and implemented.


​Testing & Quality Assurance

​Our talented developers test your mobile application to establish functionality and catch any errors that may impede use. This can involve beta testing by a sample of your client base to ensure that it is both appealing and works for them.



​Your application goes live! We do not simply dump it in the app store - at this stage, the strategy we developed in the planning stage works to promote your new creation.



​We periodically analyse your application’s performance and update it to fix any errors that occur. We can also upgrade your application to suit changing needs.


Competitive pricing

Having an off shore office for over 10 years, we do not freelance or outsource support by Local project managers. All staff are employed by 2excel.


Finance available

Your custom software has never been so affordable with payments term up to 5 years. There terms together with finance often means your software is less than SAAS.


16 years Experience

With over 16 years experience in the development industry, we have developed a proven step by step process to guarantee you get a quality product the way you want it.