Content Marketing

Content marketing involves using written, video and graphic content to make your company's website or social media page a valued source of knowledge for your industry. Why would we bother with that when your main concern is selling your product or service? Initially, we need to know the four steps of the buying cycle:

  • Awareness: Before awareness, a customer might have a need, but they are not aware there is a solution.
  • Research: When a consumer knows there is a solution, they will carry out research to educate themselves. For instance, a car purchaser will search for out exactly what various types of vehicles exist, and which one will fit their requirements.
  • Comparison: At this moment, the client starts comparing various items from various vendors making sure they're getting a high-quality item at a fair cost.
  • Purchase: Finally, the consumer makes their choice and progresses with the transaction.

Content marketing is your opportunity to make an impact on a potential customer during the research phase, so when they begin comparing - you stand out. This leads to higher conversion rates from traffic to sales. 

Why is Content Marketing So effective?

Potential customers find our material, find value in it, and by the time they contact us they're already convinced they wish to deal with us. 

Why? Because good content establishes you as a trusted voice in your industry or niche. This has a run-on effect when it comes to your SEO efforts, as Google ranks websites they consider trustworthy and have good chunks of informative content. It also helps generate incoming links and is great for your social media marketing campaigns, as good content generates shares from both potential clients and influential voices in your industry. We often centre SEO and social media efforts around content marketing!

2Excel's Content Management Service

Our content experts do more than just write. We conduct research into trending topics, the latest news, and the most influential voices in your industry or niche. We tailor our approach to your content based on various techniques picked up through both experience and research. In most cases, a blog is the best tool for your content marketing purposes, but Podcasts, Youtube videos, and Infographics are also options - and our team of graphic designers, writers and editors can do it all.

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