Edward Deane(Ted)


I founded my own digital marketing company, 2excel, sixteen years ago. In my work at 2excel I problem-solve, help businesses grow by generating leads and sales, and work with clients to improve business efficiency. We deliver affordable customer software solutions and create Mobile Applications to suit todays modern world.

I love a challenge. I’ve had sixteen years of experience in software development and digital marketing and am a specialist in continually researching upcoming technology including AR, mixed reality and AI. I’m always looking to learn more, so my clients can achieve more within their business.

I’m also a public speaker with experience presenting on digital disruption, cutting edge technologies, how businesses can take advantage of technology, and what really works in digital marketing.

In my spare time, I love throwing the jet ski around up the river, spending quality time with the wife and kids. I also get excited putting together client/partner weekends up the shack its always good to mix a little business with pleasure!

I would also like to think of myself as one of those great gamers, playing a range of games from fortnite to dungeon’s and dragons.

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Edward Deane (TED)

Found & Director 2excel