Our Creative Team

2excel has an outstanding and dynamic team. 2excel has created a wide variety of staff members, so they can deliver the best results to any customer for any project. At 2excel we like to be challenged, if there is something out there that we haven’t done we will research and test till we get it right.


Edward Deane (TED)

Edward Deane (TED)

Found & Director 2excel

You can call him TED. Right from the age of 10, he has been a Geek and some people would say entrepreneurial. While in primary school he would buy broken computers and pull them apart and put them back together to make them work. He would then sell them to primary schools around the state. It was not uncommon for him to get weekly calls from primary wanting computers.

In High School hardware got boring and he found programming games was far more exciting. At the end of High School, all he could see were friends going to UNI for 4-8 years to get a job. In his plain thinking, he got a job because he thought he would get an 8 yr head start and built websites on the side.

While working for Yellow pages he was the only person out of 100+ rep that could build websites so business took off. He registered the business and employed 2 people to build the business while at yellows until they gave him a redundancy.

Having worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands Telstra, Vodaphone, Chubb Security, Uni SA, state and federal government and more.

Julius Klaebe

Julius Klaebe

Project Coordinator

2excel’s chief Project Manager and Head Developer. He is working to create apps and business solutions using different forms of technology. A recent Computer Science graduated from Adelaide University, Julius has experience with C++, C, Java, HTML/CSS and Python. This industrious young man has worked for a few different tech companies, including Solve It All and Alice Onsite IT, as an installer and general IT specialist. In his spare time, Julius loves travelling the country side in his 4WD, a 27-year-old Toyota Troop Carrier with his partner, Edwina.

We are very excited to have him on board as our Project Manager and Head Developer.

Ben Keith

Ben Keith

Digital Marketing Manager

Ben Keith is a Digital Marketing Manager at 2Excel, where Ben organises the 2Excel Marketing Team. This includes setting up Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords Marketing, and SEO for our Clients.

Ben has Marketing Experience in a lot of different industries. He has done a lot of research into current trends and outside of the box marketing, among other distinctions in his field. Ben helps companies to achieve results and exposure through effective and cost efficient Marketing strategies.

Ben is a Motorcycle enthusiast, and gamer from Adelaide.

Susan Todd

Susan Todd


Before starting with 2excel I had only ever worked in hospitality. After 17 years I finally decided to change my career path, and that’s when I joined the team at 2excel. My main job title was meant to be admin, and office manager. After working with 2excel for a few months Edward ( Ted ) seen potential in my work, and he started training me on how to manage client websites and so forth.

I like to be challenged at work, and that is exactly what Edward has done. I love the fact that my passion for work and creativity is helping other business’s grow.

My creativity has now earnt me a place in marketing, and I am having so much fun creating new exciting posts for the 2excel Facebook page. So far I am proud of myself for choosing this career path, as I love working along side this great team at 2excel.