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Welcome to 2excel's innovative Lead Generation model.

We've revolutionized the way WE GIVE YOU QUALITY Leads TO HELP YOU GROW your BUSINESS.


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Pay Per Lead (PPL) Partners

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Partners

At 2excel, we know our team can deliver results. That's why we 'put our money where our mouth is' and remove risk for our Pay Per Lead (PPL) Partners.

Here's how our PPL model works! While you focus on the day-to-day running of your business, we'll be working hard behind the scenes. We'll plan the digital marketing strategies, online advertising and branded assets we'll use to promote your business. We'll plan ways to improve your SEO rankings. We'll make you unique, purpose-built landing pages. We'll think up ways to improve your visitor numbers and revolutionize your user experience.

The result? You'll be given genuine leads that are highly interested in your business and intend to make a purchase.

Our cost structure is perfect for clients looking to pay a fixed price for solid returns rather than investing time in expensive marketing strategies and sales funnels that can result in low returns.

We take working with our PPL Partners seriously, and aim to create a long term business relationship that will benefit you with ongoing quality returns. To build our partnerships, we won't be asking for your trust — we know we'll earn it! We do the heavy lifting for you and take on the initial risk so you don't have to.

Lead Generation doesn't need to be complicated. It doesn't need to be time-consuming. Talk to us about how we can make it easy for you!

How It Works​

We chat!

We chat!

Over the phone we'll discuss your business and your goals to determine whether PPL is the best strategy for you. Your chat with us is obligation-free. If you'd like to meet with our team in person, we can organize that too. Just let us know!

We agree!

We agree!

We'll decide on Cost per Lead that works for both of us. It's a partnership — we want the costs to be sustainable for your business over a long-term partnership.

We deliver!

We deliver!

We'll use the information from our initial chats with you to develop our framework for the digital strategies we'll employ to grow your business. We'll conduct research into your industry and use our experience to create a unique strategy catered to your business to deliver you quality leads.

What do you get​ ?

If you become one of our PPL Partners, you'll get:

  • 100% pay per lead, performance-based advertising
  • Content created by a team with over 15 years of digital marketing experience
  • Digital advertising content including content for Google, Facebook and other social media platforms, complete with imagery, infographics and videos
  • Unique landing pages refined and optimised to deliver qualified leads
  • Data tracking to ensure the leads we deliver are qualified based on your goals
  • Content based on comprehensive research and testing conducted by our team
  • A high quality advertising campaign at no risk to you


We aim for you to be satisfied and to trust in our process! Your trust is important to us and we're here to build long-term relationships with our PPL partners.

You are entitled to reject a lead at any time, for any reason and you will not be charged for it. That's our promise.

When we do start providing prospects to you, we ask only that you pay for those that are genuine, qualified, leads. You won't pay for leads you don't feel are genuine.

When you reject a lead, it provides us with valuable information to improve and optimize our processes in order to deliver you with the results you want over the long-term.


You might be worried about receiving spam or annoying sales phone calls instead of genuine leads.

We avoid this by carefully targeting our advertisements and landing pages to specific locations and demographics. We keep our landing pages separate to your website, since websites tend to attract a lot of spam from organic search results.

We'll never make you pay for a lead you're not happy with!

How Does Invocing Work ?​

For the first 6 - 12 weeks we will agree on Cost Per Lead to suit both parties.

  • You won't pay for any creative development and planning
  • You won't pay for any advertising or content
  • You won't pay for spam or junk leads

We usually anticipate your first leads will be delivered within 6 - 12 weeks. If it takes us longer than anticipated to deliver leads, we continue our activities until we deliver what we promise, at a cost to us.


You pay only for genuine leads!

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Our PPL model is your answer.
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