Pronto software

As a manager you make decisions every day.  Some are simple; some are complex.  One of the more difficult choices is whether to use software that is readily available on the market (off the shelf) or customizing a program for your own business.

Custom Software

The obvious advantage is that it is specialized for your needs. You won’t need to work around processes that don’t quite fit. As your business and needs change, it can be modified to keep in step with your operation. Since you own it, you have the right to adapt it as necessary. All of this can give you a jump on your competition.

The downside is that it will be more expensive than a predetermined program. You will be paying programmers (whether in-house or another company). It will take time to develop and debug. As your needs change and you find it necessary to modify the program, you will be dependent on those programmers again.

Custom Software

Off-The-Shelf Software

There it is ready for you to purchase at a reasonable price. You install it in minutes and you are ready to roll. It will probably have a broad usage and may need tweaks to do exactly what you want. You will also need to be sure it is compatible with other programs you are currently running.

Updates will be issued as new technology emerges. The developer will generally take into consideration the comments it receives from its users and make adaptations as necessary. Sometimes these upgrades will come at a price; sometimes not. However, you will have a support system from the provider and frequently from the user community as well.

There is no doubt that custom software offers an advantage to the user. It gives the user a leg up on its competition and creates greater alternatives that will turn into more efficiency. The custom options offer opportunities to work smarter not harder.

There is no easy answer to this issue. A great deal depends on the nature of your business enterprise and how you function as compared to others in your field. It will also mean checking your finances and availability for good products in the marketplace. The right answer is out there.

Off The Shelf Software

What is Pronto?


Pronto Software is a nationwide software that offers you the integrated business functions you need all in a single system.

  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Mobile

All across Australia and in many countries worldwide, Pronto offers you the network support you deserve. Our innovation and technical expertise will help your enterprise grow and prosper. Our main products offer automated services for:

  • Retail
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Financials

Join our family of customers that currently include:

  • Anvil Mining
  • Hobart Canada
  • Parksite
  • Retail Prodigy Group (Nike)
  • RSEA

And the nearly 1500 others that have found Pronto to be the answer to their software needs.

Our flagship product, Xi 740 operates through Linux, UNIX, and Windows. We have partnered with IBM, Microsoft, and Motorola, to bring you the best in software applications and support.

What Our Customers Say

We are always happy to hear what we are doing right.

  • Viewing plant orders in progress gives us information for our client. Identifying who worked on what is valuable to review training needs.
  • Spare parts list is very useful.
  • Job history notes makes it easy for operations staff.
  • check
    Great to have full access to store stock through Pronto.
  • You can customize the functions for your business, but there is a fee.

No one is perfect. We use these comments to improve our products.

  • Some functions take longer than others. Reprinting an invoice takes several steps.
  • To print a work order you first have to create a report, and that takes time.
  • Search function can lock up and take too long.

Product Integration

In today’s business world, sharing data between multiple devices and operating systems must be reliable and secure. The Pronto Connect API Platform uses industry-standard web services architecture to:

  • Reduce data double handling and human error
  • Allows for substantial increase in productivity
  • Is cost effective.

Pronto Connect allows the free and efficient exchange of data without human intervention. This will reduce the chance of error and corruption. We use the most common APIs plus the ability for our developers to create custom APIs upon request.

Real-time information is achieved through web services architecture, not flat-file or field-based APIs. This assures our clients that the information is current which reduces errors and creates a more efficient operation in a cost-effective manner.

Pronto remains committed to updating our products so they remain compatible with the latest versions of operating systems, databases, and applications across numerous devices. All of this is linked to your back-office Pronto Xi platform through existing cloud-based or on-premises software.

All of this translates to:

  • Effortless information flow.
  • Security control of data accessibility.
  • Eliminates the need for flat file transfers.
  • Dependable messaging.

Pronto is dedicated to providing you with the latest upgrades to stay current with improvements in operating systems, databases, and other applications. This will preserve your technology investment and provide a basis for your continued improvement in the industry.

Including add-ons will give your operation the advantage over competitors and will outweigh the fee for ancillary programs.