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Lie Nelson Tools

Lie Nelson Tools has transformed its business operations through our comprehensive ecommerce solution. Our fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) system has streamlined transactions, making sales quick, efficient, and error-free. Coupled with our advanced Purchase Order system, Lie Nelson Tools now enjoys effortless management of orders from manufacturers, eliminating any potential miscommunication or delays. Additionally, our intelligent inventory management system provides real-time data and insights about stock levels, helping Lie Nelson maintain optimum inventory levels. This end-to-end integration has not only optimised their operations but also significantly enhanced the shopping experience for their customers.


HL Sports

HL Sports has dramatically upgraded their retail operations with our comprehensive ecommerce solution. This fully-fledged online store boasts seamless online payment facilities, accommodating both one-off transactions and account customers. A dedicated customer portal provides a personalised shopping experience, allowing for easy tracking of orders and communication. With specialised functionality for managing complex orders and freight, HL Sports can now handle intricate transactions with ease. This holistic approach to digital retail has elevated HL Sports to new heights in the sporting goods industry, providing superior customer experiences whilst streamlining internal operations.



Chooze has embraced a new level of operational efficiency through our customised multi-seller marketplace solution. Each seller on Chooze's platform now has the ability to manage their own products and orders independently, allowing for streamlined operations and personalised customer interactions. We've also introduced specialised invoice management for NDIS paid products, ensuring seamless transactions for this critical service. Our system is integrated with multiple courier firms, offering the best freight options and quotes, thereby optimising logistics and delivery efficiency. Additionally, we've included a range of accessibility features, ensuring that Chooze's marketplace is inclusive and user-friendly for all customers.

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In the first stage of our development process, we sit down with you to understand your unique needs and business requirements. This helps us tailor our solution to fit your operational intricacies and aspirations perfectly.

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