Software Development

Custom-made software can seem intimidating and expensive, but it may be the best option for your business. Off-the-shelf software often has to be tailored to fit your specific needs, which can be both frustrating and involve deceptively high costs - then, in the end, you have the same program as your competitors. Let's do a quick comparison:

Custom-Built Software


  • High initial cost, helps reduce costs in the future by reducing errors and improving productivity

  • Built to work with your current processes

  • Improved efficiency due to streamlining complex processes

  • Competitive edge provided by access to tools your competition does not have

  • Highly adaptable to the changing needs of your business or industry

  • Less initial outlay but must be adapted to fit your business’s needs - a process that takes time and money

  • Processes must be adapted to fit software

  • Efficiency is variable based on how well the program fits your needs

  • Access to same tools as competitors, making it more difficult to outperform them

  • Slow to respond to changing industry demands

Become our next success story! Give your business a competitive edge by using tools others in your market don’t have access to, and contact 2Excel for a custom-built software design to suit your needs.